CustomCalc 1.2

A calculator to fit your requirements

CustomCalc is the most complete and user friendly financial and scientific calculator. It offers three input modes (RPN, Algebraic and Sequential) and an astonishing array of built-in capabilities, both scientific and financial. The user can redefine buttons to customize the calculator in pretty much any way desired.

Qualified by customers as the best replacement for HP's scientific and financial calculators, in this last version it offers:

  • Worksheets.
  • Two line display, which lets you see the numbers you are working with.
  • Memory table, very easy but powerful, for number storage.
  • Improved dimensional number display also for time, dates, percent, degrees, etc.

In addition, CustomCalc includes support for powerful financial, business, trigonometric, scientific, statistical, and unit conversion functions, date and time calculation.

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CustomCalc 1.2